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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Search meta data of SQL, Oracle + Source code w/ Google Deskbar+GPLEX

The Gplex Database and source code crawler
Search all the metadata in your SQL, Oracle and now
DB2 (beta) databases and source code (*.cpp, *.asp, *.js, *.cs, etc.) :

GplexDB crawls and indexes all your SQL, Oracle and DB2(beta)
databases for Functions,

Triggers, Procedures, Tables, Columns, Views, Packages and Procedures and your source

all of which are searchable from a single interface.
Try the Gplex Crawler

How Gplex Works

Unlike competitive search solutions which require large upfront investment, the
Gplex Database Search is an easy to use, downloadable product that delivers high
quality search results for an free. And since Gplex Database and Source Code
crawler is open source you can modify it and tweak it to your needs.

How many times have you searched your database and source
to find a particular error message or field that is used in a procedures or package
and forgotten
where in your database or source code a particular field is being

How much faster could your new employees become productive if there was a
consolidated searchable view of your source code and databases metadata so that
they could find the package, trigger, procedure, function instantly and on demand?

Meet the Gplex Database and Source Crawler. Designed to help
any business make the most of their employees, the Gplex Database is a software
search product that delivers the power and productivity of searching across your
organization’s databases and source code independent of your backend being Oracle,
SQL, DB2 and regardless of what programming language you use.

The Gplex Database and Source Code Crawler:

  • Can be searchable immediately
    while it completes indexing of your databases and sources.

  • Free to use, and with the source
    code avaliable for download you are free to modify and use it.


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